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Additional Products

Guard Post™

Sentry's newest product is a versatile portable bollard available for a wide variety of uses, indoors and out. Guard Post™ is 48" high, tapers from 5"x5" (125 x 125mm), with a 14" (355mm) diameter round base. Each side of the post has a 2.5" x 20" (63x500mm) inset available to place reflective tape or other signage. This water-tight hollow unit can be filled with ballast to increase stability or can be attached with fasteners into a floor, dock, or any other flat base.

Sentry Guard Post's removable top is designed to work with plastic chain for traffic control. The top allows for chain to pass-through with a slot and a round opening for chain attachment options. The cap is easily removed to provide access into the post. Ballast such as sand or water can be added or removed through the top.

This attractively designed product provides functionality and is available in many different colors. Some of the available colors look like stone or metal, making the product appear much heavier and more permanent. In combination with heavy duty plastic chain, Guard Post offers a solution that looks imposing, but will not harm people or scratch vehicles.

Rubber Wall Guard

Manufactured from high-impact virgin rubber, the Rubber Wall Guards are long lasting, durable, and cost-effective solutions. High intensity reflective tape increases visibility.

These wall guards help protect property and vehicles from dents and scratches. Perfect for surface and multi-level parking lots and interior factory / warehouse walls and areas around loading docks.

Rubber Wall Guard Features:
  • Made from high-impact virgin rubber
  • Long lasting and cost-efficient
  • High intensity reflective tape increases visibility, especially at night
  • Simple installation by 1 person
  • Used for temporary or permanent installation
  • Does not require heavy machinery
  • Maintenance-free

Rubber Wall Guard 3'3"(L) x 6"(W) x 2" Thickness 11 lbs Requires 3 screws for installation

Collision Sentry

Collision Sentry Light

Reduce the Risk for Collisions!

When forklifts drive inside facilities, Collision Sentry® can help reduce or eliminate "blind corner" collisions by warning other forklift drivers and pedestrians. It works like a traffic light to flash a warning. Collision Sentry is easy to install, self-powered and highly visible.

Collision Sentry Unit

Collision Sentry Features


  • Uses standard D - cell alkaline batteries, eliminating the need for any electrical wiring
  • Batteries can operate for one to two years, depending on usage
  • Low-battery indicator sends a warning well in advance of batteries needing replacement

Passive Infrared Motion Sensors

  • Programmed to detect motion on both sides of the corner
  • PIR sensors are a proven technology used in security lighting and alarm systems
  • Sensors are very durable with a wide lens range
  • PIR sensors are pre-set and ready to use so no adjustment is necessary

Highly Visible LED Lights

    Flash a warning when motion is detected from both directions
  • Long life, requires minimal or no replacement
  • Warning lights flash only when a vehicle or person is present - less false reads.


  • Requires minimal space and no tools for installation
  • Installs easily and virtually anywhere
  • The unit is compact, lightweight and can be activated immediately following installation
  • Can easily snap onto pallet racking systems with magnetic mounts (included)
  • Tether provided for additional security

Watch how safety is easily improved with Collision Sentry:

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