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SPOTdots® - Glow for Safety!

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  • Increases Visibility in Darkness
  • Absorbs Daylight
  • No Electricity
  • No Wiring or batteries
  • No Maintenance
  • Green Technology made in U.S.

Improves People Protection

  • Crosswalks
  • Curb Cuts
  • Pedestrian Islands
  • Hiking & Biking Trails
  • Parking - Safe Travel Paths
  • Bus Stops

SPOTdots® increase safety by improving visibility in areas with poor lighting or no lighting. Made from the quality grade UV resistant resin, SPOTdots® are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Using the latest photoluminescent technology, SPOTdots® absorb and store ambient light. At night or in blackout conditions, this stored energy creates a visible and reliable light source without electric power.

Easy Installation

SPOTdots adheres strongly to most solid surfaces (i.e., concrete, asphalt) with a USDOT approved adhesive.

Select Your SPOTdots®

2" OD Blue Glow
2" OD Green Glow
4" OD Green Glow
5" OD Green Glow
5" OD Blue Glow

Impressive Technology

SPOTdots photoluminescent materials are uniquely formulated to produce pigments with the highest light output and slowest decay rates available. This special technology reflects the progress that has been made from novelty grade products found in kids' toys to "safety grade" quality found in emergency signage in high rise buildings, stairwells and commercial airlines.

More Exposed Pigments

SPOTdots unique suspensions of the photoluminescent crystals allow more pigments to receive charging light from the light sources. With lesser technology, only the top layer gets charged, so only the top layer glows.

Highest Pigment Loads

The special suspension technology allows much greater loading of pigment into the product which produces a brighter and longer glowing light.

Bottom line: Brighter pigments, more pigments and longer lasting glow. SPOTdots higher level technology shines!

SPOTtops® bollard covers

SPOTtops® bollard covers increase the visibility of bollards and enhance safety too.

SPOTtops are vinyl sleeves that fit tightly over the tops of bollards. These 4.5" and 7" diameter sleeves are made with a special photoluminescent resin that emits a glow when lighting conditions get dim or darker.

SPOTtops covers for parking structures, industrial facilities, warehouses, retail stores and other indoor uses are Fluorescent Yellow color. They can help improve visibility during a sudden power failure or low light conditions.

The outdoor SPOTtops are neutral color and improve the appearance of bollards and enhance safety in low light or darkness. They are helpful around pathways, gates, parking areas, entrances, and driveways and can be use for outdoors or indoor applications.

SPOTtops Glow in the dark bollard covers

Technical Info


  • Green/Yellow
  • Blue/Neutral


  • 2"
  • 4"
  • 5"


  • 11/16" with beveled edge

Visibility (Distance)

  • 4" Green: 150-200'
  • 5" Green: 200-250'
  • 5" Blue: 100-150'

Charge Time

  • From 5 sec. (sunlight)
  • to 30 min. (5' candlelight)

Glows for

  • 6-8 hours
  • *still visible after 12 hours

Life Expectancy

  • 5 years

Construction (Material)

  • UV resistant resin with photoluminescent crystals

2" SPOTdot 10 Pack

2" SPOTdot 10 Pack



4" SPOTdot

4" SPOTdot



5" SPOTdot

5" SPOTdot



SPOTtop 4.5" X 6" Yellow/Green
SPOTtop 4.5" X 8" Yellow/Green
SPOTtop 6.6" X 12" Yellow/Green
SPOTtop 6.6" X 6" Yellow/Green
SPOTtop 6.6" X 8" Yellow/Green
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