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About Us

Sureguard Shield plastic bollard covers were introduced in 2002 by Sureguard Security Products, Inc. The company began in Kitchener, Ontario and we became Canada's only manufacturer of bollard covers. That same year, Encore Commercial Products, Inc. in Michigan, also began manufacturing a plastic bollard cover called Post Guard. Sureguard and Post Guard enjoyed wide success across Canada and the U.S. during their first 10 years.

In 2012, the assets of Sureguard were acquired by Encore's owners through their Bollard Guard Products Corporation. The existing Sureguard team stayed-on and was happy to join the Post Guard family. This marriage was ideal since it allowed us to offer more competitive shipping arrangements for Canadian customers using Post Guard covers.

Sureguard’s General Manager, Bob Vogt, said, “It was exciting in 2015 when Post Guard cover production began in Canada.”

From the time it was first introduced, over 3,000,000 Post Guard covers have been sold in North America and over 30 countries around the world.

We’ve also expanded our line of property protection products to offer Canadians one-stop shopping and fast access to competitively priced items. Our small yet very knowledgeable Sureguard team takes the time to answer all your product and installation questions and we can help you with ordering and shipping options.

You’re invited to learn more about our products by browsing this website site or feel free to give us a call at 800-756-3537.

Thank you.

-The Sureguard Team

Robert Vogt, Robin Hillier, Erika Kossler & Katie Uberig