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Clearance Structure

Clearance Structure Fixed Arm

Clearance Structure Fixed Arm

This economical clearance post provides an advanced height warning to avoid expensive damage to stru..


Clearance Structure Hinged Arm

Clearance Structure Hinged Arm

This economical clearance post with an innovative rebounding hinge, provides an advanced height warn..


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Height Guard Clearance structure three colors, silver, yellow, black

The Post Guard Clearance Structure provides advance height warnings to avoid expensive damage to structures and vehicles.

  • Available in two designs: Fixed or Hinged Arm
  • NEW innovative rebounding hinged arm reduces impact damage!
  • Available in silver, yellow, or black
  • Manufactured in two pieces
  • Includes: Post Guard Clearance Structure, 4.5” x 80” Post Guard Height Guard, Clearance Graphics Kit, and Height Guard Chains
Hinged Arm Clearance Structure J-anchor mounting plate

Optional Mounting Assembly

This anchor assembly helps with mounting the Clearance Structure.

  • Installation Kit: (8) 5/8" Hex Nuts, (8) 5/8" Washers, & (4) 5/8" x 17-7/8" x 3-7/8" Bent Anchors
  • Pre-drilling placement template 

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