Column Guard

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Column Guard

Cushions the hard column surface. Reduce scratches & dents.

Column Guard

Column Guard is a cushioned sleeved that wraps around support columns to help protect vehicles from minor damage.

  • Custom made to fit circular, square, rectangular, I beam, T beam, and double T beam column.
  • Durable nylon inner and outer shell - 10 oz. nylon fabric is rip-stop, waterproof, fade resistant, and mold/mildew proof
  • 1/2" open cell foam interior - soft structure and cushion like
  • UV Stabilized
  • Fabric colors: Yellow, red, white, or black. Custom fabric colors, logos, and 4-color graphics are available.
  • White (silver) or red reflective stripes are 2 inch wide OSHA approved high quality reflective tape.
  • Easy to install in seconds with its Velcro fasteners.
  • Column Guard padded covers are also useful around day care centers.

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