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Column Sentry® FIT

A multi-size column protector! Addressing the issue of variable columns in one facility.

Revolutionary New Design

  • Adjusts to fit multiple column sizes
  • Streamlined for a reduced footprint
  • Four-sided, uniform protection
  • Interlocking sides guarantee a snug fit

New VELRCO fasteners

Patented Air Chamber

  • Deflects impact away from the column
  • Minimizes the force of tow motor impact

Easy Install


  • Small: 4” to 8” square columns
  • Medium” 8” to 12” square columns
Sentry Guard

Column Sentry® protectors cushion those big bumps from forklifts and helps prevent expensive column damage.

Sentry Guard

Surround interior building columns with a cushion of air!


  • Low density polyethylene
  • Incredibly tough
  • Highly visible safety yellow
  • Easily installed – no tools
  • Cost-effective – maintenance free
  • Patented air vented protection
  • Variety of sizes
Park Sentry

Park Senty® an attractive way to increase visibility and add protection around parking structure columns.

Park Sentry® helps protect columns and vehicles from damage by adding a scratch-resistant layer of protection around concrete columns. Allows drivers to park closer to the columns, virtually expanding the useable parking space.


Park Sentry
  • ARPRO® material
  • 1.6" thick plank for low-profile installation
  • Interlocking pieces create one-piece wrap-around product to surround column
  • Recessed strap creates seamless appearance
  • Adjustable reflective straps: 120” in length
  • Easily modified to fit any sized square or rectangular column
  • Oil, chemical, water and flame resistant
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Available in yellow and black
  • Extra thickness at corners
  • Vertical ribs every 1.6"(40mm) act as cutting guides for customizing size

Rack Sentry®

Rack Sentry

Rack Sentry® protectors attach to rack uprights and helps protect them from forklift collisions.


  • Flexible EVA Material
  • Returns to shape after absorbing impact
  • Easy install - No drilling or tools!
  • Variety of sizes and configurations
  • Below 0ºC option: Rack Sentry LT (Low Temperature)
  • 18" height with 2 hook and loop fasteners

Corner Sentry™

Corner Sentry

Corner Sentry™ adds a protective layer to vulnerable corners.


  • Flexible EVA material
  • Absorbs impact to reduce damage
  • Highly visible safety yellow
  • Tapered design keeps a low profile
  • Easy install with fasteners or straps (not included)

The Park Sentry® Wall System

Park Sentry Wall System

This wall system will reduce scrapes...and hassles!


  • Helps reduce costly damage
  • Absorbs scrapes without scratching painted surfaces
  • Made of lightweight, energy-absorbing ARPRO®
  • Installs easily with pre-mounted wall clips
  • Panels connect with integrated tab and slot system
  • Adaptable cutting guides makes sizing easy
  • Panels size: 39.3" high x 27.65" wide
  • Colors: high visibility yellow and black

Park Sentry Wall System is created by using Park Sentry Round panels. These panels are 39.3" tall, and are 27.65" wide per panel. Each wall clip is 55.5" so it spans 2 panels. This means each carton of wall channel will install 12 panels (4 cartons) of Park Sentry Round panels and will cover about 27'6" of wall

Wall Calculation: The length of the wall, divided by 27.67 = # of panels needed. # panels divided by 3 = cartons of panels Length of the wall, divided by 27.67" = # wall clips needed (top and bottom included). # Clips divided by 12 = cartons of clips

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